About us

Firstly , We are honoured to announce , our Fish & Chips and Wood fired pizza business is delivering approachable , reliable , consistent , affordable & quality service and runs under experienced ownership
Moreover , our menu has multiple varieties of extras to choose apart from Fish & Chips . Our fish menu includes WA ( local ) and imported brands . Our local supplier (New West Foods) has over 25 years experience in this industry and we have reached 10 years in this location. Our products have high quality at very competitive price. Mr. Panch (Owner) & Harry ( Cook / Manager) have very friendly approach which helps in building long term relationship with our valued customers.

Another reason to choose us , we are the best in making quality wood fired pizza in this great location. Our Pizza chef (Ziad) has two decades of experience in Pizza making and great addition to our locally own business. Since we updated Pizzas Menu , has seen a remarkable growth in our bussiness.

The least but not last reason to purchase our Fish & Chips and wood fired pizza is to enjoy your experience at Taaj café to go and always open for your supportive feedback & suggestions .


TaajCafetoGo team